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Escaflowne Community

Jul. 9th, 2008 | 12:29 am
location: office
mood: busybusy
music: Shadow of a Doubt-Escaflowne Soundtrack

Began an Escaflowne Community here because there wasn't one and I love that series!  Discussion, fanfics, fanart, kink memes etc are quite welcome!  Feel free to check it out! ^-^


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While Ness' Away the Sis Will Play

Jul. 7th, 2008 | 10:40 pm
location: ness' office
mood: amusedamused
music: You're Not Alone-The Enemy

Ness is away at camp this week so I have access to high-speed internet while I'm at grammy's! *squeeage*  Tori and I are watching anime (D. Grayman and Revolutionary Girl Utena to be specific).  I love Utena!  Such a thought-provoking show!  Lots of symbolism too! *huggles Utena*  Now Tori is still working on the script for our manga and I'm bouncing off the walls to get it!!!!  I also got my sis her very belated B-day present ^_________^  I'm slowly getting into rping more these days but remain defeated by the vast number of characters and rps Tori-chan is doing. >.>  I'm listening to lots of Within Temptation and older Rock/eighties music these days and attempting to keep things in my social life balanced as I choose courses and work.  *deep breath* I think that's all for now!  Love you all! *hugs the world*


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Within Temptation and Other Experiences

Jul. 3rd, 2008 | 11:00 pm
location: office
mood: tiredtired
music: St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)

Within Temptation is my latest music obsession (especially since I just discovered that Anna (the German girl who's staying with us) is also a huge fan! *dances*  The two girls are wonderful and I love having them around (even if we have trouble understanding one another once in a while).  They're helping mom out a lot and learning English as they go!  I just recieved two copies of the book I'm published in called 'Voice of the Future'.  I'm proud! ^______^  I'm also picking my courses in preparation for registration in over a week.  I'm currently registered as an Honours Specialization English student in 2nd Year.  The courses sound really interesting so I'm excited about participating in them!  Other than that I'm saving money, contemplating a credit card, being attacked with responsibility but enjoying every moment :D  So there's my update!  Love you all!

Kat's Wishlist:
A beginning script from Tori-chan ^^!
Utena Dvds, CD, manga, and series summary books 1 and 3 (own 2)
Within Temptation music
etc., my brain is tired.

Cheerio! ^-^

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Double-Edged Life ^^!

Jun. 26th, 2008 | 09:54 am
location: roy's bedroom
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: family members' voices

 Another post *the audience gasps* ^___________^
Life always manages to get more complex even when you think that isn't possible.  I love it though, whether it feels like a badly acted soap or a riveting action adventure life has its moments of bliss and tears.  On Saturday I'll be 20 and I'm briefly reflacting on all the things I've gone through since I became a teen.  A decade of pain, smiles and surprises has passed naturally into the hidden veils of time and I move on with what I've been given.  A couple of my dearest friends have had a rough go of it these past months and my grestest wish, the best gift I could recieve, is the knowledge that they will be happy and we can all laugh, and cry without too much heartbreak.  It's needed to happen for a while, but time has made it easier in a way.  Giving them a chance to think and appreciate what they had and have, putting life in perspective.  I always try to smile so the sun surfaces quicker and we can hug and love freely again.  When we're annoyed, depressed or even filled with joy we should never forget the blessings.  Never take those we love for granted.  Love every moment.  Because in a moment, it's gone.


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A MANGA!!!! (and a cat :P)

Jun. 23rd, 2008 | 11:28 pm
location: office
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Ghost Love Score

So here I am FINALLY posting something again and only because I was lured back to LiveJournal by 'The Cat Returns' Group here ^^ Btw!  Everyone should watch Studio Ghibli films!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!  Now on to the juiciest part of this entry....MY FRIEND AND I ARE WORKING ON A MANGA!!!!

It is really just in the planning stages but if we have anything to say about it it will progress beyond that to at least a single volume (this is the goal ^^).  It's title (just decided a couple of hours ago) is Double-Edge.  As for plot summary, well,we don't really HAVE a plot yet so that'll come later :P  We're working on characterization and I'm working on priliminary sketches which are coming along quite well I think ^-^  I love drawing but need motivation to stick with and finish something when my life is so full of random stuff that needs doing! 0_o!  So that is that.  Temporarily back to 'The Cat Returns' I love this film!  I may even create a fanart or fiction to contribute to the sadly empty group.  Until then folks, be well and happy!

Baron and Haru forever!

~Kat ^-^

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Amazing Book!!!!!!!

May. 16th, 2008 | 09:08 pm

I just finished reading one of the most engaging books ever!!!!!!!!!!!!  I stayed up till 2am on a work night then woke at 7 to finish it!!!  (approximately ten hours in total!) http://www.merryshannon.com/sotg.html Check out here for a description of the book!!!  Amazing!!! I wait with baited breath for the next Ithyria installment!!!

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Sensitive with a Touch of Jesus! ^^!

May. 9th, 2008 | 09:04 am
location: office
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: computer noises

I decided I'd write about the writer's block suggestion today so let's see... I'm sensitive about environmental issues and respect for all living creatures.  Emotional upheavels really bother me as well, though that can depend on my mood.  For now, that's that! ^^
Last night I saw my sister's high school play 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.  Having never before experienced the story it was very well done!  The songs were amazingly catchy and I actually cried at the end (there goes the sensitivity).  Telling the story of Jesus in the sixities helped me (and others) relate to the story wheras we might not have been able to as effectively if it had been set back in its original time period.  You also never hear about Mary Magdolin (spelling?) and Jesus' support for equality of men and women, which unfortunately has been largely lost through translation.  I also like the emphasis on Jesus being merely a man with a strong message who everyone makes out to be 'God' and 'King of the Jews'.  Very eye-opening.
I'm getting published again!!! I'm very excited!!!  I sent in a scholarship application to Elder and Leemaur Publishers and am one of the 130 candidates being published in their book 'Voice of the Future'.  Ten out of those 130 will recieve the scholarship money so we'll see how that goes.  I'm just happy about being chosen out of 4100 applicants!!!!!!!!
That's all folks, love you all!!! ^^

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Unstable Internet and a Reflective Summer

May. 8th, 2008 | 09:03 am
location: Office
mood: anxiousanxious
music: You Can't Take Me

So here I am.  Spurred by curiousity I decided to begin an account here despite the fact the human-powers of the world are probably scrutinizing my every move to see how best to sell their product or see if I'm a terrorist spreading hate. Awell!  My internet is picky during the summer months (perhaps due to over-trafficing) but I'll post a word or too whenever possible.  Right now I'm preparing for work and attempting to watch REvolutionary Girl Utena music videos (a sometimes painful expereience due to the speed and personality of dial-up) nonetheless, I am determined!!!  Our group is cosplaying as characters from Hellsing for Anime North in Toronto and I really, REALLY hope they have Utena stuff there despite the fact it was made in 1999 and is practically unheard of.
This morning I had an interesting dream-I love recording dreams btw ^^- My girlfriend, Tori, Keely and I were in a specialized school and I was acting as a swimming mentor to some junior students.  One boy jumped in ahead of the others and I warned him not to do that because he could get hurt it he was out of sync from the others.  He seemed to admire me for that.  Then another boy walked up carrying his twin (who was dark skinned) and said his twin needed help.  I realised the twin was nearly dead so I carried him to the heads of staff but they let him die.  I was striken and heartbroken at their callusness!  Then my girlfriend appeared and I learned she was engaged to a guy who looked like Danny Divito.  She was trying to learn French and he was slighlty annoyed at the amount of time she spent trying to learn it when he wanted to spend time with her.  I actually counselled him and talked to the both of them about equal management of their personal and relationship time, the memory of my lover haunting my memory.  Spurred by these events I had a complete physical and personality change.  I dyed my hair blond, dressed in close-fitting, mostly black professional clothing, wore heavy make-up and became cold towards everyone.  I wanted my friends to not recognise me and leave me alone but Keely recognised my voice and soon my girlfriend was there trying to talk me out of my change.  That is as much as I recall.
Dreams are fascinating things, revealing both inner and outer secrets.  A portion of these entries will probably be dream-related.  I wish you all a good day!  Cheerio! ^-^

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