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Space Cases, May the Fandom Live On!

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Mar. 28th, 2011 | 08:49 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: Space Cases closing theme

Oh dear (the only one other person who watches this journal cries!) not another fandom!

Actually, I guess the other person who watches this might not mind this as much as Snape and Hermione.  Welcome one and all to the amazing retro-obsession of an-almost-graduate-University student!  Introducing Space Cases!  I loved this show growing up and have recently begun re-watching the series which I still enjoy a lot despite the occasional moral.  I highly recommend giving it a try since it's light-hearted and generally entertaining.  It had a low budget so you can even poke fun at the props and CGI if you'd like.

My goals for this evening before I decide I really need to go to bed are as follows:
1) Take a Space Cases character test
2) Read a good piece of fanficiton
3) Download at least one more episode from Youtube
4) Try to latch on to an idea for writing about on the Livejournal kink or community at large.

I'm sort of already writing a fanfiction but I'm not terribly certain of a lot of the details yet.  Basic plot will include them finding an outpost with earth ship still attached in which the crew has all been frozen by the atmospheric controls.  They take the Captain back to the Christa to see if they can revive her but during the gradual revival/healing process Thelma's personality gets projected into the Captain's body.  Her android body continues to function but no longer has her wonderfully characteristic personality.  While trying to get Thelma back into her android body (since her bond with the Christa is a powerful one and its lack is causing her to be very depressed) she and Radu strike up a close friendship.  Yes yes I know, another strange pairing, but life is about adventure and challenge!  I might post it to the community when it's done.  Catalina and Harlan are a great couple!  I'm a romantic at heart, what can I say?

Signing off.  Remember what you do know... how to dance! ^-^

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